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Manufacturer and wholesaler of ready-to-wear for women. Specializing in the design and distribution of women's fashion, produced exclusively in Italy.

About Amélie & Amélie

We created Amélie & Amélie in the universe of Belgian fashion in 2003.  We are specialised in "Fast-Fashion" and always looking for the latest trends.Our designers are constantly creating innovative fashion silhouettes adapted to the needs of the today's women.The Amélie & Amélie range targets the active and elegant women who are ease in their own skin.Women will find perfect pieces in a wide range of silhouettes that are constantly renewed by our designers from week to week.Armed with our experience gained thanks to the trust of our distributors, we decided to take up the challenge of international markets.Our goal is to offer all countries the rigour of European-produced clothing allied with a very contemporary vision of ready-to-wear for women.Casual, chic or trendy? Thanks to our quick and efficient process we can offer you very wide and complete collections in very short delivery terms.

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